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Political Theology Without Religion


  • Zachary Isrow Assistant Professor and Humanities Coordinator, Beacon College, Leesburg, FL, USA


There is a constant tension that exists within each individual. This is the struggle between the hidden ideologies and fixed ideas which enslave the individual and the need to rid themselves of them. It is through these that implicit religion forms. We require, in order to counteract this, a new theology, a secular theology – one which emphasizes the individual. In order to bring about a new theology, it is necessary to reconsider the philosophies of Adam Weishaupt, Louis Althusser, and Max Stirner and bring them into the modern discussion of implicit religion. This paper aims to bring together these understudied philosophers as well as contemporary leaders in political theology in order to reimagine the potential of the individual to rid themselves from fixed ideas and to realize their potential.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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3 (1)





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Isrow, Z. . (2021). Political Theology Without Religion. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 3(1), 24–31.



Political theology; political philosophy; religious studies; secularism; philosophy of religion