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An Assessment on the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Marawi as Perceived by Agency Representatives and IDPs


  • Abdul Fatah Sarangani Social Worker, Mindanao State University, Marawi City, Philippines


The major concern of this study is the assessment on the current reconstruction and rehabilitation of Marawi based on the perception of agencies representatives and especially the internally displaced persons after 5-month battle against the ISIS-inspired Maute Group. This study had 221 IDP key informants and employed cross-sectional survey as research design and simple random sampling through house-to-house basis of interview using a self-structured questionnaire as a tool for data gathering. The results revealed that respondents have positively perceived that government is doing its best effort and has given much attention to complete the rehabilitation. Thus, rehabilitation program has specific direction. Also, respondents perceived that corruption of funds can greatly affect the implementation of the program while insufficient numbers of personnel and lack of advanced technologies can slow down the rehabilitation and reconstruction process. It was also revealed that respondents feel the sense of security and safety in the provided shelters and families of 6 members are fit enough to it. Thus, respondents demonstrate satisfaction on the effectiveness of shelters as well as its location. Lastly, respondents have faced problems in the temporary shelters such as lack of health facilities and health personnel and no livelihood program being provided for them. On a final note, the rehabilitation and reconstruction process of the government is behind on track and people are gradually losing trust as a result of overdue delay. Recommendation of this study stressed out to religiously employ the participatory approach and efficiently implement the blueprinted plan for Marawi to effectively expedite the rehabilitation, thus trust and confidence of people towards government will not be disregarded.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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3 (2)





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Sarangani, A. F. (2021). An Assessment on the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Marawi as Perceived by Agency Representatives and IDPs . Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 3(2), 01–10.



IDP, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Temporary shelter, evacuation center, governance, participation