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Current Migration Data and Main Problem Areas Relating to Syrian refugees in Turkey


  • Erhan Aygün PhD student, Doctoral School of Public Administration, National University of Public Service, Budapest


The events that started in the neighbouring country Syria in March 2011 within the framework of the popular uprisings that took place in Arab countries such as Tunisia and Egypt, which is referred to as the "Arab Spring" in the literature, turned into great chaos and civil war in a short time. The civil war in Syria has brought along a great humanitarian tragedy, security problem and mass migration wave to neighbouring countries. Nearly ten million Syrians have turned to internal and external immigrants. In this context, humanitarian concerns and the "open door policy" that opened its borders to all Syrians seeking asylum in Turkey, there are already three and half million have been given temporary asylum to Syrian refugees. Despite the end of the wave of refugees, Turkey is still a case of escape and a country of asylum for refugees. Therefore, it is too essential to collect and analyse the latest migration trends in Turkey. In this study, first Turkey's latest migration trends, with their analysis of data and statistics, will be made, and graphs, maps and tables will support it. Then, the problems of Syrian refugees and Turkey's issues are facing through the process of dealing with the refugees. Besides, the study results available that refugees' problems and potential risks to Turkey are assessed.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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3 (3)





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Aygün, E. (2021). Current Migration Data and Main Problem Areas Relating to Syrian refugees in Turkey. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 3(3), 24–32.



Syrian refugees, Migration data, Turkey, Asylum seekers