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Trans-Himalaya Connectivity: Comprehensive Approach to Resolve China-India Political Conundrum


  • Buddhi Prasad Sharma Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow at Centre for Trans-Himalaya Studies (CTHS), Leshan Normal University (LSNU), Leshan City, Sichuan Province, China
  • Damodar Bhusal Ph.D. in Theoretical Economy from Peking University, China


China and India have a long civilization. Even before the establishment of formal diplomatic relations in 1950, both countries had a long history of exchanges on educational, cultural-spiritual, and trade in ancient times. But since the mid of 1950, both countries didn't enjoy good bilateral relations and that culminated with the war of 1962. Again rapprochement began in mid of 1980. Border issue, ideological-political model, and approach on global orientation are the issues both countries have different views, which sometimes produce severe bilateral relations problems. June 15 incident in Ladakh has created severe confrontation and new regional geopolitical imbalance. Five-point consensus in Moscow helped to reduce prevailing tension. This study finds that only regular cooperation and open dialogue can provide a fruitful platform to create a trustful environment and search for peaceful settlement of the dispute. Harmony between these two countries will support for peace and prosperity of the Trans-Himalaya region. This research is based on qualitative research and follows the secondary data. It takes a comprehensive approach as a theoretical framework to analyze the issues. The researcher is very serious about testing the validity of data and its analysis. As per the research requirement, this paper is explorative in format.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

Volume (Issue)

3 (7)





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Sharma, B. P., & Bhusal, D. (2021). Trans-Himalaya Connectivity: Comprehensive Approach to Resolve China-India Political Conundrum . Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 3(7), 15–24.



Trans-Himalaya region. China-India relations. New Face-Off, Peaceful resolution. Rapprochement