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The Negative Effects of Fake Hadiths on Muslims’ Life


  • Ziauddin Ziaye Junior Lecturer Department of Islamic Culture, Faculty of Education Baghlan University, Afghanistan
  • Saeeda Nori Junior Lecturer Department of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Sharia, Takhar University, Afghanistan


Some people pretend to get the hearts of the people, advising them and being close to Allah, encouraging them to worship and perform good deeds, remembering the Hereafter, (the Heaven and the Hell) awakening the dormant efforts of the people and keeping them away from sins, spreading weak hadiths. And they beat baselessly among Muslims, of course, believing that the use of weak and undocumented hadiths in non-rulings (virtues) is permissible. Furthermore, being unaware that the scholars of the field of hadith sciences have laid the groundwork for the practice of weak hadiths, which means that the practice of weak hadiths about virtues is not unconditionally permitted. In addition, people still do not pay attention to those Hadiths that are considered weak so it continued to such an extent that some of them consider the negative effects of its dissemination among the people to be worthless. The present Studies conducted act as weak works and undocumented hadiths along with its practical examples in Islamic societies, especially in Afghanistan. As a result of writing and practical observations of this article, I have come to the conclusion that the use of thematic hadiths and its practice by some members of society has led to the spread and spread of false hadiths and their unbelievable consequences in Islamic societies. It is practically considerable, especially in our country Afghanistan.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

Volume (Issue)

3 (9)





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Ziaye , Z., & Nori , S. (2021). The Negative Effects of Fake Hadiths on Muslims’ Life. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 3(9), 48–55.



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