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Morocco in Colonial Photography


  • Soufiane Laachiri Associate Professor, Hassan The 2nd University, Casablanca, Morocco


This article represents an attempt to approach the notion of colonial discourse and photography more closely with the exigencies that put Morocco under the zoom of the colonial lens. This photographic documentation shows that nations, Morocco, in this case, were annexed to imperial powers through the utilization of various means of representation. This annexation was carried out not only by military officers, missionaries and spies but also by cartographers, travel writers and photographers who never ceased to polish the lens of their cameras so as to be able to represent indigenous identities, as well as their social lifestyles, and cultures. Therefore, the purpose of the present work is to sketch the colonial experience that links the imperializers with the imperialized through chronological documentation of colonial power and domination. Therefore, the main interest centres around the question of rereading this colonial history by analyzing and questioning colonial photography and its role in colonial expansion over Morocco. Besides, it is to unmask the alleged objective embedded in this country's 'civilizing mission'.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

Volume (Issue)

3 (12)





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Laachiri, S. (2021). Morocco in Colonial Photography. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 3(12), 01–08.



Colonial photography, Moroccan other, colonial enterprise, photographic representations, photographic archive, Moorish other, photographic discourse