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Nepalese Society is Becoming More Attracted to English: Just as Iron is Attracted to Magnets


  • Mina Sharma Ph.D. (Fellow), School of International Studies, Communication University of China Chaoyang, Beijing, China


Just as globalization has affected Nepal's various political, social, and economic sectors, so has its impact on education. Over the last 50-60 years, the influence of English as a foreign language in the Nepalese education system has been increasing. The attraction of English has increased in such a way that it has become like a tradition to learn English before own's mother tongue. Not only in school, but parents are also eager to teach English to their children from home. Parents are constantly trying to improve their child's English. The psychology that a child becomes omniscient if he knows English is affecting everyone. Nepalese society is being influenced by the fact that foreign culture and English are more civilized than their mother tongue and culture. Globalization is currently adversely affecting the Nepalese education system. The English-only education system has not been able to explain the importance of their own language and local knowledge. With the development of the mentality that language is only for a good job and a prosperous life, the mentality that English should be learned anyway has taken root in Nepalese society. This paper has also tried to present the growing attraction of English education in Nepalese society from different perspectives. Textbooks, medium of examination, question papers, giving a lot of opportunities to students who know English have drawn everyone towards English. This paper presents the problems, solutions, and suggestions in four different sections. In the first section, the early stages of English education in Nepal are discussed. In the second section, the influence of foreign languages ​​on the original language and culture is discussed. Third, the fact that English influence has increased in emotional expression and daily life is presented in graphs and bars. The final section includes research findings, solutions, and suggestions.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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4 (1)





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Sharma , M. (2022). Nepalese Society is Becoming More Attracted to English: Just as Iron is Attracted to Magnets. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 4(1), 222–234.



English, education system, globalization, English fever