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The Role of Culture in the Organization


  • Guldasta Sarwari Faculty Member of Education Faculty, Takhar University, Afghanistan


The leading aim of this article is an investigation of the role of culture in the organization. Organizational culture represents values, beliefs, hypotheses, fables, norms, and goals, which are admitted in the organization vastly. The organizational culture is the means which facilitates our behavior and actions with organizational tasks. The findings of this study reveal that one of the most influential factors in an organization’s situation is organizational culture. In the current complicated and revolutionary world, the durability of organizations is related to various factors; one of the most important factors is having a fortified organizational culture. The organizational culture is the subordinate outcome of social culture that, by its turn, impacts on values, moralities, attitudes, assumptions, and expectations of any individuals and can be exposed in their behaviors. The organizational culture has become more significant and remarkable because of its high and noticeable effects in organizations. Realizing the organizational culture is one of the causes that impact the real actions of people and their perceptions regarding that. The organizational culture represents the mode of our interpretation of our surrounding incidents. The research method of this study is library-based, and the information and points were collected from books and journals.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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4 (1)





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Sarwari , G. (2022). The Role of Culture in the Organization. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 4(1), 270–279.



Culture, Organizational Culture, Management, Organization, and Behavior