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“Traditional” Media is Used to Focus on the Construction of Gender Cognition of Middle School Students in Mainland China


  • Kaimeng Xue School of Society, Soochow University, Suzhou 215123, China


With the arrival of the era of disenchantment described by the famous sociologist Weber, our human society has stepped into a new era, but some of the social characteristics in this era all reflect the reflection and high self-reflection of this era. One of the most expressive things is the collision of multiple values and epistemological systems, which is called the “war of the gods”. This will encourage people to grasp the mutual influence and internal causal connection of various factors in a specific situation from the rationalization process in a broad sense. And establish a kind of self-constructed idealized knowledge, emphasizing the binary construction of understanding, communication, and trust factors in the process of socialization. Therefore, if too much epistemological self-disturbance is excluded, the more interesting manifestation is that the traditional media construction process of gender cognition of middle school students is actually a unilateral and passive self-construction mode. Especially for Chinese mainland middle school students, it has greater value and will reflect the difference in cognitive mode; the difference itself is due to a series of social policies, school policy, and the pressure of the college entrance examination, it is difficult to strengthen through self connection and social network, and more tend to be strengthened in the so-called correct knowledge in school. Therefore, the influence of cognition in schools is more single or monotonous, without the existence of many different perceptions in society. At least, the influence of this point on the research can be excluded to a large extent. The purpose of this study is to have a more intuitive understanding of the intuitive impact of traditional media on middle school students in the current environment, where it is extremely luxurious and difficult to completely eliminate or cut off such connections. The results of the tracking interviews were used to standardize the study.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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Xue , K. (2022). “Traditional” Media is Used to Focus on the Construction of Gender Cognition of Middle School Students in Mainland China. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 4(4), 13–16.



understanding, sociology, cognitive theory, interpersonal communication