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Cultural Healing Rituals and Practices Used by Ati Traditional Healers


  • Leonor Rosales Teacher III, Basic Education Department, Aklan Catholic College, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan Philippines
  • Victoria Gepty Associate Professor 1, College of Teacher Education, Aklan State University, Banga, Aklan, Philippines


This study aimed to establish the healing rituals and beliefs of Ati (Indigenous People) traditional healers in Aklan, Philippines. The study was anchored on interpretivism, which seeks to comprehend and interpret human activity and participants' experiences. The research used narrative analysis as a qualitative method of research. The study was conducted at Numancia, Aklan, Philippines. This included six (6) participants; the Sorhana (traditional healer) was the main participant, while the chieftain, two elders of the community, and the two Ati members served as validators to the answers of the Sorhana (traditional healer). An interview guide, observation notes and audio–visual materials (photography, video and audio recordings) were used to gather data. The result revealed that the Ati (Indigenous People) continues to believe in Sorhana as their traditional healer who was guided by the tamawo (spirits that guide) and kalag (spirits of the dead) and has the power to diagnose illness and fight mystical invisible elements. The Sorhana (traditional healer) has the ability and authority to perform healing rituals in the Ati (Indigenous People) community. The healing rituals in the Ati (Indigenous People) community were; Pagbagting (beating of the agong), pag – orunungon (paying in exchange for healing, pagpatupad (appointing of the traditional healer), pagpalupad (releasing of chicken), pag – anagas (renaming of the sick), pagbutbot (eliminating diseases), and pagtabog (expelling the evil spirits). The Ati (Indigenous People) are animistic while also believing in a supreme being. Acculturation happened in the culture of Ati (Indigenous People) by adopting the Roman Catholic celebration like Semana Santa (holy week) and believing in the resurrection offered by Jesus Christ.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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Rosales, L., & Gepty, V. (2022). Cultural Healing Rituals and Practices Used by Ati Traditional Healers. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 4(4), 209–213.



Ati, Sorhana, Healing Rituals, Practices, Beliefs