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The Aesthetics of Images and Language between Defeat and Creativity in Al-Khansa’s Lament: Analytical Study of “A Moda in Your Eyes” Poem


  • Hermin Samir Mustafa Al Banna Assistant Professor، Head of Arabic Language Department, King Khalid University, College of Art and Science in Dahran Aljanoob, Arabic Department, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The research aims to study the manifestations of psychological defeat and the aesthetics of images and language in Al-Khansa’s poetry, an analytical psychological reading, and it influenced Al-Khansa’s poetry, because it was characterized by the sincerity of feelings and emotional feelings. Sadness, crying, pain and suffering in her poetry, and the follower of Al-Khansa’s poetry in lamentation finds the echo of psychological defeat in her poems as a result of the loss of her brother and her bereavement in him. Al-Khansa’s poetry, especially lamentation, prompts the reader to represent the state of refraction and pity that he sees in the poetic images, the chosen language, and the glimpse of sadness that dominates the music of her poems.We stand on Al-Khansa’s poetry as a poet capable of her artistic tools on the one hand, and the weak female woman who has nothing but moans and groans and her body on the other hand to express her sadness, to reveal the subconscious side using the psychoanalytic mechanisms of the poems of lamentation and show the pent-up psychological struggles as a result of psychological and dark labyrinths that she faced with death her brother.The events begin with the broken, painful female Khansa, to unveil the effect of the psychological defeat that she went through, so she transformed her life and tried to resist it with all her strength to face the multiple psychological disorders, some of which are about to turn into a decade.Then the research aims to clarify the impact of manifestations of psychological defeat on the aesthetics of the poetic elegiac images of Khansa, to monitor its implications, and the dimensions of this effect on the elegy of Khansa in the light of psychoanalytic reading, in order to clarify the poetic image and probe the depths of the aesthetic impact and artistic formulation and for the recipient. Especially lamentation is just a feeling or a fleeting state, but it was a position and an entity, and we have summarized the reading of lamentation in conjunction with the psychological dimension, to seek the emotions of the recipient as a result of his sense of Khansa’s special vision and her psychological state.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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4 (4)





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Al Banna, H. S. M. (2022). The Aesthetics of Images and Language between Defeat and Creativity in Al-Khansa’s Lament: Analytical Study of “A Moda in Your Eyes” Poem . Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 4(4), 280–291.



Khansa, lamentation, poetry, images, language, psychological defeat