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Investigating the concept of the East in Orientalism Discourse


  • Abdul Khaliq Noori Associate professor of Dari Language and Literature Department, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Baghlan University, Afghanistan


East is one of the great geographical areas of human life that is rich in culture and has been a reservoir of knowledge and rival at various times; As Europeans' acquaintance with its sciences has led to the formation of the Enlightenment in Europe, the West has reached a stage of scientific progress and to its sense of pride and self-esteem, ignoring the rich past of the East, and to embody the East, and to establish the East and the East. It was based on the above that the paper examined the concept of Orient in Oriental discourse and analyzed it in a descriptive-analytical way. So the key questions are how the West's view of the distant past has been about the East, and why have they turned to false images instead of the actual image of the East? What is the role of Orientalist discourse in presenting negative images of the East? And what contribution did this Orientalist discourse have in colonizing the East? As the findings of this study show, the West has been trying to make self-esteem self-sufficient and overlooking the transcendent features of the East. It was, therefore, the view that, with the expansion of Orientalism and the creation of binary oppositions, he made the East a lower position, defining the good and the East with ugly attributes, and provided a false image of the East so that it could control and control the East.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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5 (3)





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Noori, A. K. (2023). Investigating the concept of the East in Orientalism Discourse. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 5(3), 83–89.



East, Orientalism, Images and Imaginations