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Human Dignity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Issues and Prospects


  • Kizito Alakwe School of Media and Communication (SMC), Pan-Atlantic University, Km 52 Ajah/Epe Express Road, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos


One of the most disruptive innovations of this century is the emergence, growth and development of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. This paper seeks to highlight the prospects and unearth the issues inherent in the emergent field of AI and robotics on human dignity. Despite the substantial evidence supporting the advantages of AI and Robotics, researchers, industry experts, academics, and individuals seem to have different opinions about the future of AI and robotics. While some believe these fantastic innovations have boundless potential and significant advantages, others are worried about the impending "rise of the machines", its impact on human dignity and the annihilation of humanity. Leveraging a critical analysis of extant literature and document analysis, this paper highlights the key benefits of AI and salient ethical considerations. The study contends that though we cannot stop the development and advancement in AI as it has ushered in tremendous improvements to life and living of the human person as has been witnessed in diverse sectors, there is an urgent need to design and institute a sound regulatory framework guiding further development and application of Artificial Intelligent systems and robotics, aimed at assuring human existence and respecting the dignity of the human person.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

Volume (Issue)

5 (6)





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Alakwe, K. (2023). Human Dignity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Issues and Prospects. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 5(6), 87–97.



Human dignity, Human rights, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Ethics