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The Civility of Mandigak is the Heritage of the Ancestors


  • Hafizullah Rasuly Professor, History Department, Faculty of Social Sciences, Jawzjan University, Afghanistan


Mandigak, the most proud ancient region of Afghanistan, is located 50 kilometers northwest of Kandahar City. Kandahar province, with famous historical sites such as Mandigak Hill, etc., are places that have mostly attracted the attention of archaeologists, tourists and domestic and foreign researchers. Each of these places has a story from the distant past and shows the religious conditions religious, political, social and cultural of this province. In addition to that, the existence of such historical places represents the living conditions of the past people in our minds to some extent; this region had a good climate and fertile land; therefore, it created a very good environment for the life of the old tribes. The purpose of this research is to identify a number of ancient and historical features of Mandigak, which have been less discussed or debated so far. Introducing the real image of the ancient site of Mandigak to consolidate the country's rich history not only for the country's residents; It includes the most important and fundamental goal of this article, and the materials prepared in this article will be considered useful and valuable as a curriculum for improving the scientific capacity of students. In the research method section of this article, considering the library method of authentic domestic and foreign books and materials, authentic journals and internet sites, analyzing historical data using modern methods with methods of analysis and analysis is a research work to prove a large number of desired materials for writing materials.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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5 (8)





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Rasuly, H. (2023). The Civility of Mandigak is the Heritage of the Ancestors. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 5(8), 35–38.



Mandigak, Civilization, Hirmand, Afghanistan, Kandahar and Quetta.