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Online Leadership: Experiences of Student Body Organization Officers



This study explores the online leadership experiences of fourth-year male and female student body organization officers at the University of Cebu-Main Campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Informants were purposefully selected using a qualitative phenomenological research design. Semi-structured open-ended interviews were conducted for data collection, employing Braun and Clarke's thematic analysis (2006). Key informants' responses identified seven emergent themes under three overarching themes that addressed subproblems. The participants' experiences as student leaders in the online setup revealed two emergent themes: distress and opportunity. Difficulties faced included poor communication, external issues, time management, and emotional distress, classified into four emergent themes. Coping mechanisms centered around purpose as a single emergent theme. The findings and recommendations from the study aim to address challenges encountered by student officers in the online setting.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

Volume (Issue)

5 (12)





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Hermoso, R. V., Hernando, M. J. C., Gimarangan, R. T., Tobes, S. V., Alob, J. H., & Geonzon, C. G. (2023). Online Leadership: Experiences of Student Body Organization Officers. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 5(12), 39–59.



Student Leaders; Online Leadership; Qualitative Study; Phenomenological; Thematic Analysis