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Analysis of the Causes of the Formation of the “Involution” of Chinese Family Education


  • Jinming Wu School of Literature and Media, Dongguan University of Techology, Dongguan 523000, China


Starting from the influence of Chinese traditional reading culture on contemporary Chinese family education, this paper analyzes the reasons for the formation of the “involution” of Chinese family education. The involution means to have fierce competition but no good feedbacks. This study found that the objective reasons include China's national education policy, and the subjective reasons come from the current family education; there are problems such as incomplete awareness of parents' education, lack of educational ability, education comparison and so on. It is proposed that the correct values and competition views should be cultivated among family members so that parents can take the initiative to break the barriers of education and promote the all-around development and healthy growth of children. This article focuses on the role of family education and the educational methods to prevent “involution”, which may provide another way for China's family education.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

Volume (Issue)

6 (5)





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Wu, J. (2024). Analysis of the Causes of the Formation of the “Involution” of Chinese Family Education. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 6(5), 22–24.



Chinese Reading Culture, Chinese Family Education, “Involution” of Family Education, Educational Concept, Educational Problem, Educational Method.