Latest Issue

Vol. 3 No. 4: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

(April Issue) 

Published: 25-04-2021

Research Article

ESL Teachers’ Readiness During Covid 19: Guglielmino Readiness Scale

Said Fathi, Aziz Moummou

Filipino Adolescents’ Experiences of Abusive Parent-Child Relationship in Low Socioeconomic Status Families

Jess Sabarre, Paulo Louis H. Villareal , Myla Arcinas

Parentification Experiences of Filipino Young Professional Daughters During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jaena Clarice C. Teng , Angela Dionne F. Hilario , Lauren Marie A. ...

A Preliminary Study on the Meranaw Traditional Balod “Tie-Dye” Technique in Weaving

Casmin B. Alauya

Dissemination of Biomedical Cell Sheets using Reality Technology and Digital Tools

Gwo-Long Lin, Peng-Hsin Chen

The Language of Pandemic and its Significance in Effective Communication

Muhamad Alif Haji Sismat

The Effect of Service Quality on Passenger Satisfaction at PT. Indonesian National Shipping (PELNI) in Jayapura City

Mesak Rumsowek, Roland Everson Binur, Lazarus Ramandei

Conceptualization of the Kazakh language in the Linguistic Consciousness of the Kazakhs

Gulzhana Jenalayeva, Gaukhar Niyar, Moldir Zhubanyshbayeva

The Elephant in the Room: Examining the Connections between Humility and Social Status

Barret Michalec, Nicole Piemonte, Frederic W. Hafferty