Research Article

Optimization of ICT-Based Instructional Media as an Educational Transformation


  • Riskasari STIT NU Oku Timur, Indonesia
  • Roemintoyo Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia
  • Mochamad Kamil Budiarto Stiper Institute of Agriculture, Indonesia


Information and communication technology is an important part of the implementation of learning activities. It can be seen through ICT that the implementation of learning can take place dynamically and can be carried out at any time, regardless of space and time. Therefore, ICT is considered necessary to be optimized as an integral part of the learning process in an effort to implement the transformation of ICT-based education to meet the needs of students. This study aims to describe the form of educational transformation by optimizing the use of ICT-based learning media. This study uses a literature study technique with data sources, namely various relevant literature on educational transformation, ICT-based learning media, and 21st-century competencies sourced from books and scientific articles. The results of the study indicate that one of the efforts to support and succeed in the transformation of education can be made through the use of various ICT tools in learning, be it primary, secondary, or even tertiary education. This optimization is considered necessary considering that the impact tends to lead to supporting facilities in order to achieve 21st-century learning goals and competencies. Through the results of this research, it is hoped that it will serve as a basis for educators and policymakers to not hesitate in optimizing ICT for teaching and learning activities.

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Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices

Volume (Issue)

4 (3)





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Riskasari, Roemintoyo, & Budiarto, M. K. (2022). Optimization of ICT-Based Instructional Media as an Educational Transformation. Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices, 4(3), 26–30.



21st century skills, ICT, instructional media, competence