Effectiveness of English –Speaking Foreign Teachers from the Learners’ Perspective at Ho Chi Minh University of Food Industry

Effectiveness of foreign teacher, favor with English, minimize disadvantages, motivate student


  • Nguyen Giang Huong
    Faculty of Foreign Languages, Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry, Vietnam
June 8, 2021


Ho Chi Minh  University of Food Industry (HUFI) is gradually reforming and updating English teaching methods to enhance the learners’ quality. Within this context, foreign teachers are required to teach in English speaking classes with the assistance and observation of native teachers. This study developed factors that foreign teacher influencing the learner’s favour with English. An online google form questionnaire was conducted on participants called students at HUFI. The respondents answer an open-ended questionnaire. The results will benefit English-speaking-foreign teachers (ESFTs) in terms of realizing their strengths and weaknesses. This study aimed to develop solutions to minimize disadvantageous factors and maximize benefits to motivate students toward learning English in classes with foreign teachers.