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Linguistic Verbal Arts and the Problem of Overpopulation Growth in Nigeria


  • O ̩̀po ̩̀o lá Bo ̩́láńlé Tajudeen Department of Linguistics and Languages, Faculty of Arts, Federal University, O̩yé̩̩-Èkìtì, Nigeria


Linguistic verbal arts deal with the use of chants, statements and verses of oral and written materials in expressing feelings using one language or the other. Among the challenges militating against expected human and material development in many African countries is population explosion. Available social infrastructures can no longer adequately satisfy the needs of the people. At present, in Nigeria compared with what obtained many years ago, religious practices are taken as excuses for marrying many wives when in the actual sense, there are often misinterpretations of the doctrines of the religions. This paper derives its strength from collation of verbal arts as expressed in the Holy Books of the Muslims, Christians and Ifá Oracle, one of the African traditional religions. The paper posits that no religion in Nigeria advocates for many wives and many children. The paper also provides valuable information on Nigerian population particularly as this concept remains a great troubling issue for Nigerian and many African governments. It is yet an attempt aimed at discouraging Africans from creating more problems for themselves and the continent.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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population, verbal arts, religion, oracle, tradition, procreation