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Poetic Emotions for the Villages Divided by the State Boundary


  • Malkhaz Chokharadze Faculty of Humanities, Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi, Georgia


The fiction is characterized by many components of the epoch including narrative, mood and emotion, artistic faces, etc. The observation of the texts of different epochs gives us the ability to judge any sort of relation with regard to the past, determining historical, ideological or moral priorities for facts or events stored in the memory. The writers' interest towards villages divided by the state border is natural and it is not surprising that many public workers have tried to say their words in this regard. In the paper it is analyzed that the border motive, the more precisely, the theme of the separated villages (Sarpi and the Maradadi).Mainly, the literary texts of the strict border regime (such as the Soviet-Turkish border line) are considered in the paper, but without political and ideological discourse. The work presents the literary production created in Georgia as well as in Turkey. In the paper, the material is mainly sorted by topic, in particular, the following topics are represented: the border river and the village, the prohibition of communication between the population of the other part of the village separated by the border, the motive of the calling over the border, radical forms of communication, nature and others.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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border, fiction, poetic emotion