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Jordanian Foreign Policy in Confrontation with Extremism and Terrorism: the International Alliance is a Model


  • Radwan Mahmoud Al-Majali Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Mu’tah University, Jordan


The study aims at researching in the Jordanian foreign Policy in confrontation with extremism and terrorism through concentration on factors and determinates that pushed Jordan to enter the International Alliance in fighting terrorism, especially fighting Da’ish organization. Corresponding to that significance of the study appears through discussing the role of the foreign policy and its instruments in limiting the phenomenon of extremism and terrorism and the most important strategies that the states should follow in light of the internal and external environmental impacts in confronting extremism and terrorism within the preventive procedures and terrorist crises management. The study employed the method of decision making in achieving objectives of study and its questions where the main question emerged: what are the most important determinants of the Jordanian Foreign Policy in joining the International Alliance against the terrorism, especially fighting the organization of the Islamic State “Da’ish”?.The study deduced a number of results from the most important of them is that: Jordan could take a group of procedures and arrangements at the level of the foreign policy through the period (2011-2017) in confronting extremism ant terrorism within activation of military, diplomatic and media instruments, where the economic instrument appeared from the weakest instruments of the foreign policy and a negative factor in the process of decision-making. The study proved that the joining of Jordan to the International Alliance to fight Dai’sh Organization as a result of great impact of the geographic determinant, and availability of the organization at geographic territories forming a strategic danger on Jordan. The study also recommended with the necessity of treating the social and economic problems as an important side and supporter in enhancing the instruments of the Jordanian Foreign Policy.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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Foreign Policy, International Alliance, Extremism and Terrorism