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Taboo by Fouzia Saeed: Book Review


  • Hassan Bin Zubair PhD Scholar (English Literature), Department of English, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan


Taboo (2001) is a remarkable book on Pakistani prostitution, red light area, oppression on women and the other linked matters related to this on which mostly people do not want to talk or discuss it openly and suppose all these matters as a taboo. Being a woman, it can be called a courageous effort by Dr. Fouzia Saeed that she took herself to that locale and spent eight years there in the red light area of Lahore, which is mostly known as Heera Mandi, Red Light District or Shahi Mohallah. This is not supposed a good place to visit even for men and this is an evident point of Fouzia Saeed’s dedication and quest for the positive results and observation. And finally she brought all her experiences and observations clearly in the shape of her book Taboo. She had face a huge pressure and criticism after publication of this book and it was quite unconventional for the society to accept all these realities which were like a bare truth and nobody was interested to accept and own that part of society. This book consists of thirty three chapters in which introductory chapters are also included. There is a big part of interviews are included in which the direct interviews and discussion with the prostitutes, their family members and pimps are included. All the norms and culture of this hidden part of society is revealed in this manner first time.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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Hidden Culture, Red Light Area, Prostitution, Oppression, Political Influence, Pakistan