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The Interpretation of Holy Quran by Sunnah in Hafiz Ibn Kathir's Interpretation: Applied Study for Surat Al-Kamar


  • Nourah Hady Mohammad Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, College of Science and Arts, Dhahran Aljanoub, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia


The research tackles the exegesis of Quran in the interpretation of Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir of Surat Al-Qamar through analyzing selecting Hadith from its original sources, concerning the limitation of Hadith that he adduced in his interpretation, studying, analyzing, how precise it is and indicate it is relation with the Quranic verse, the benefits which Ibn Kathir gained in his interpretation, with the explanation of the types of exegesis by Sunnah in each position with the indication to the disagreement if it is existed. The research's plan included an introduction, two chapters, and a conclusion.The introduction included a summary about the importance of the topic, reasons of selecting the topic, the previous related topics, and the  objectives, limitations, problems, questions, methodology, and the plan of the research.The first chapter included the outlined definition of the research vocabularies indicating the overall exegesis's sources, and a summarized definition of Al-Imam Ibn Kathir and his interpretation.The second chapter included an applicable study about the interpretation of Al-Imam Ibn Kathir of Surat Al-Qamar.The conclusion included the results and the most important outcomes, as that Ibn Kathir did well at employing Sunnah, and linking it to the interpretation of the verses, including but not limited to the overall interpretation of Quran from Sunnah, recalling what hide in Quran by using Sunnah and explaining  the vague statements in the Quranic verses by using Sunnah

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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3 (11)





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Mohammad , N. H. (2021). The Interpretation of Holy Quran by Sunnah in Hafiz Ibn Kathir’s Interpretation: Applied Study for Surat Al-Kamar. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 3(11), 09–28.



Holy Quran- Sunnah- Ibn Kathir- Interpretation- surat Al-Kamar