Latest Issue

Vol. 3 No. 11: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

(November Issue)

Published: 09-11-2021

Research Article

On Psychological Capital Affects Organizational Citizenship Behavior Through Affective Commitment

Irvandi Gustari, Widodo Widodo

The Interpretation of Holy Quran by Sunnah in Hafiz Ibn Kathir's Interpretation: Applied Study for Surat Al-Kamar

Nourah Hady Mohammad

An Assessment of Inventory Management Practices at the Hospitality Management Department of Takoradi Technical University

Bertha Danso, Theodora Naa Maamle Whyte, Peter Owusu-Akyaw Jnr., Rita ...

Cultural Preservation of Panay Bukidnon-Halawodnons Amidst Emergent Society

Elias C. Olapane, Lalaine E. Ricardo, Jenewel M. Azuelo

An In-depth Exploration on the Praxis of Computer-assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)

Elias C. Olapane

Women During General Community Quarantine (GCQ): A Case Study

Pearl Lettee Maunes

The Living Conditions of Syrian Asylum Seekers in Jordan's Governorates Outside Camps and the Motives to Immigrate to Europe

Lina Taysir Alzouabi, Ayat Jebril Nashwan

Conflicting Perspectives on Humanitarian Intervention: In Light of the Darfur Crisis

Samuel Aron Issak

“Please Don’t Come Back”: A Pragmatic Study of Chinese Netizens’ Complaints Under Pandemic of COVID-19

Xin Xie, Yaqi Liu, Deeana Kasa

A Trend Analysis on Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) in the Philippines

Elias C. Olapane, Mary Joyce E. Fernandez, Brechelle Grace D. Payongay...

A Study of University Students’ Communication Behavior in Social Media from Theory of Uses and Gratification

Nurwahida Alimuddin, Ibrahim Latepo

The Impact of E-learning on Virtual Class Interactions: A Case Study of French Virtual Class Interactions

Omer Ahmed Omer, Nadra Abd Allah Ali