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Effects of Domestic Violence: The Zimbabwean Experience


  • Arnold Makomo Student, Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe
  • Boniface Chenjerai Chisaka Professor, Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe


It leaves some with broken limbs, some with swollen eyes and some with unforgettable memories. It knows no gender, age, race and time. It is perpetrated by a physically stronger member of the family over other members. It is perpetrated in order to control the other partner or in other cases it is done out of jealous. It can be seen as a set of behaviours abusers deliberately use to maintain power and control over them and the relationship. Family harmony is crucial and people should treat each other with respect and care. Healthy relationships should not include abusive behavior, such as name-calling or physical injuries. The victims of domestic violence can be male, female, children or a domestic worker. This paper is confined to cases of domestic violence in Zimbabwe. The paper highlights the effects of domestic violence. The paper will also conclude by giving some recommendations on how to reduce cases of domestic violence.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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2 (4)





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Makomo, A. ., & Chisaka, B. C. . (2020). Effects of Domestic Violence: The Zimbabwean Experience. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 2(4), 14–22. Retrieved from



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