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Dalkhai: A popular folk Dance of Western Odisha


  • Raghumani Naik Assistant Professor of History, NSCB ( Govt.Lead) College( Affiliated to Sambalpur University), India


Dalkhai, one of the important and popular folk dances of Western Odisha is performed at Bhai Jiuntia in the districts of Bargarh, Sambalpur Jharsuguda, Deogarh, Bolangir, Sonepur and Boudh. It is a religion based traditional folk dance linked to the agrarian culture of society. Dalkhai is said to be “the Goddess of Fertility” worshipped by the native like Mirdhas, Kondhs, Kuda, Gonds, Binjhals etc. Basically, it is group dance accompanied with a song which adores ‘Goddess Dalkhai Devi – a physical manifestation of Goddess Durga.’ The word “Dalkhai” connotes a stem from the branch of a tree worshipped as Goddess Durga or Shakti by unmarried girls between Saptami and Dussehra puja for wishing long life of their brothers. Dalkhai dance and song require a set of musical instruments like Dhol, Tasha, Nishan, Tamki and Muhuri. Costume for this dance comprises Sambalpuri saree, bangles, katriya, bandriya, nose tude, and colour scarf. In fact, Dalkhai stands unique in many respects. This type of unique dance is fading away from the memory of the people. So, the purpose of this research work is to highlight the significant of this traditional dance among the people. For this topic descriptive, analytical and oral interview have been adopted to get relevance data.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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Dalkhai, Western Odisha, Tribes, Ornaments, Costumes