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A General Analysis of Changes and Problems of Patachitra as a Livelihood


  • Kanchan Paira Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Hijli college, India
  • Rajaram Majhi Student, Master of Philosophy, P.G. Department of Population Studies, Fakir Mohan University, India


The major obstacle to the economic development of any country is the recession in business of the people of that country. In developing and densely populated country like India where the Government is currently focusing on Make in India products, some rural Pata artisans particularly from Pingla and Chandipur block of West Bengal state are feeling insecure to produce their highly creative and unique folk art due to the lack of market demand, capital investment, Government help, publicity, supply of raw material and other so many factor which is having a significant impact on changing the livelihood in addition to slowing down their socio-economic development. As a result of which the quality of life of Pata artisans and their families is declining and their customs and culture are in extreme danger today. A total of 100 household have been selected purposively and the household engaged fully or partly in Patachitra Art were surveyed through a structured questionnaire. Result revealed that the maximum Patachitra artisans were involved in this business from 11 to 20 years where only about 61percent of the respondent’s economic condition has been improved due to this particular business. Respectively 64percent, 59percent and 73percent of positive change has been shown in respondent’s life due to the change of design, market knowledge and business strategies. Emphasis has also been put on the solution offered by poor artisans who are perceived to be in danger rather than finding solution in a visual context alone. As a solution offered by the respondent, about 47% of them shake their head for the market creation which helps them monetary support by displaying and selling their items as well as by creating the ground of attraction for their unique works. The study suggests educating the Pata artisans to make them knowledgeable about the values and needs of modern society properly and expertly from the local and state Governments to protect their identity.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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2 (4)





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Patachitra, Pata artisans, livelihood, Involvement and Transformation, changes and effects, major problems and solutions