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Women and Social Change in Nineteenth Century India


  • Prashant Vasant Ransure Assistant Professor, Department of History, MVP Samaj’s Arts, Science and Commerce College Ozar (Mig)
  • Pankajkumar Shankar Premsagar Associate Professor, Department of History, Smt. G. G. Khadse Arts, Science and Commerce College, Muktainagar


The quest of women struggle for freedom, equality and right has a long history, Indian women is always suppressed under the prejudices set by the various religious text, and as a result of which she has always been suppressed and received the humiliating treatment. But with the coming of the colonial rule in India and with the influence of the liberal and utilitarian philosophy and the work of the various social reformers who had a scientific temperament, to look at the social problems of the women, this brought radical change in the social condition of the women in the nineteen century, and the changes definitely brought changes in various dimensions in the life of the women like education, equal rights, reformations in the marriage customs and so on this all has happened in the nineteenth century that is the reason this period is also known as the period of social awakening and social enlightenment, this provided identity and dignity to the women in India.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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2 (4)





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Women, liberation, Equality, Justice, Nineteenth Century, Liberalism, Utilitarianism, Hindu, Child Marriage Sati, Widow Remarriage, Female Education