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Effective and Efficient Treatment of Regional Language Preservation Strategies in the Nusantara



As an archipelagic country with a population of about 200 million (BPS 2000), Indonesia is also referred to as the Continent of Maritime Nusantara; it has cultural diversity that spreads from Sabang to Merauke. One of the cultural assets of the Nusantara is the local, regional language (BD). BD in this Nusantara has now experienced challenges and threats to its existence. The challenges exist in the form of neglect of respect, maintenance, and preservation of BD. The point is that this paper wants to examine the condition of regional languages in Indonesia. These factors can cause their extinction, the implications of the extinction of these languages from an ethnolinguistic perspective, and in the end, want to provide a review of solutions to overcome these problems. This study is intended to provide input for various interested parties, especially speakers of regional languages, to pay more attention to the life and sustainability of their regional languages. The research that forms the basis for this scientific article begins with a literature study with observation. Based on the discussion above, it can be concluded as follows. First, the issue of BD extinction in Indonesia based on available data is quite worrying. The conclusions that emerge in this paper are the formulations of strategies, tactics, and models related to the preservation of regional languages (BD).

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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4 (2)





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Siregar, I. (2022). Effective and Efficient Treatment of Regional Language Preservation Strategies in the Nusantara. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 4(2), 16–22.



Regional Language, Nusantara, Preservation, Treatment