Latest Issue

Vol. 4 No. 2: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

(April-June Issue, 2022)

Published: 25-03-2022

Research Article

Santri-Entrepreurs and Development of Community-Based Batik Industry at Laweyan, Solo, Indonesia

Sahruddin Lubis, Hari Zamharir

The Importance of Maintaining the Vote of Millennials for Political Parliaments Pass the Parliamentary Threshold in 2024 Election

Ngudi Astuti

Effective and Efficient Treatment of Regional Language Preservation Strategies in the Nusantara

Iskandarsyah Siregar

Rejection of the claim of Hashw in the Holy Quran

Sayed Mohammad Hasan Khalili, Burhaniddin Qanet

The Effectiveness of Group Counseling on Visual Imagery and Deep Breathing Techniques to Improve Achievement Motivation of Junior High School Students

Anastasia Hariyati, DYP Sugiharto, Awalya Awalya

Framing Winter Olympics: A Content Analysis of Sochi Winter Olympics (2014) and Beijing Winter Olympics (2022)

Xi Yu

Tawarruq and its Contemporary Applications in the Light of Islamic Jurisprudence

Ahmad Fawad Wathiq, Noorullah Hanif , Abdul Quddus Mazahry

Women's Rights to Vote in Islam and Dealing with it in Afghan Society

Naqibullah Hamid, Fazluddin Farahmand, Zmarai ibrahimi

Values from the Perspective of Islamic Educational Thoughts and Educational Philosophy

Haneen Al Qawasmeh, Osama Hazaymeh, Mohammed Al-Qadri, Reham Al-Khamai...

The Indonesianization of West Papua: Development of Indonesia's Attitudes and Policies towards West Papua and the Dynamics of the Papua Freedom Movement

Riedno Graal Taliawo

Municipal Chief Manager in the Iraqi Legislation

Hanan Sabbar Hilal Al Ameri, Rafah Karim Karbel

Pardon for Al-Yasir according to the Shafi’is in Prayer

Youssef Hassan Hamad Al-Dulaimi, Samer Rajab Ahmed Al-Ramli

Australia's Role in Supporting Kiribati's Migration with Dignity Policy Dealing with Sea Level Rise in the South Pacific

Munjin Syafik, Raisha Nadina Nur Fitria, Bama Andika Putra, Darwis

Utilization of Pineapple Leaf Fiber as An Added Material for Environmentally Friendly Earthquake-Resistant Concrete Repair at LPG Lombok-Indonesia Terminal

Cucuk Basuki, Yudha Anugerah Putra, Lutfii Bahroni , Ary Ardianto, ...

The Filipino Millennial and the Korean Drama Fad

Eileen Itabag Estoque

Challenges and Perceptions of Land Acquisition in Accra, Ghana: Finding Ways to Make It Safer and Easier

Gideon Appiah Kusi, Fienena Louisette Adoree, Emmanuel Owusi-Afriyie, ...

Perceived Influence of E-learning as a Determinant for Effective Academic Performance of Public Secondary Schools in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State

Rev. Sr. Dr. Ogochukwu Nwosu

Handumanan sang Ulian (Memories of Ulian): The River Residents’ Sense of Place

Mark Nil Licera Casaquite

The Analysis of RA 9994 (Expanded Senior Citizens Act): An Experience of The San Vicente Senior Citizens Organization

Normando C. Simon

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activity for Service Brand: Effects of CSR-Brand Fit, Consumer-CSR Fit on Skepticism and Brand Loyalty

Yuquan (Kristen) Zhou

Development of Guided Inquiry Learning Model Based on Critical Questions to Improve Critical Thinking on the Concept of Temperature and Heat

Citron S. Payu, Mursalin Mursalin, Nurhayati Abbas, Masri Kudrat Umar,...

The Influence of Sex and Kanban Usage on the Productivity of Selected STEM Senior High School Students

Jullia Jessica D. Rivera, Jadyn Samantha S. Ong, Ma. Nathalie U. Tan, ...

Traditional Judges and Litigants in the Facing Positive Law Justice in Cameroon: Recrimination, Backlash and Expectations

Emmanuel DEKANE

Road Safety Association (RSA) Social Marketing Communication in Changing the Behavior of Young Drivers in Indonesia

Nieke Monika Kulsum

Single Blessedness as a Lived Experience in Roman Catholic Lay Institutes

Jerlyn D. Pama, Nordy D. Siason Jr.

Profile of Elementary School Teachers’ Pedagogic Competence in Implementing Scientific-Based Thematic Learning and Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Dewi Harun, Evie P. Hulukati, Ani M. Hasan, Jusna Ahmad, Masri Kudrat ...