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Road Safety Association (RSA) Social Marketing Communication in Changing the Behavior of Young Drivers in Indonesia


  • Nieke Monika Kulsum Universitas Nasional, Indonesia


As the fourth most populous country globally, the country has a very high number of traffic accidents. Casualties due to accidents in Indonesia are more than the number of victims of terrorism, tsunamis, and floods. The number of traffic accident casualties in Indonesia is about 28-30 thousand people per year, ranking second among the countries in ASEAN. In Indonesia, traffic accidents, especially those involving motorcyclists, are relatively high. Even if there are 1 million incidents in one day, then 2.76 percent occur in Indonesia, with the average victim being in the productive age between 15 to 22 years. Road Safety Association is a non-governmental organization that conducts social marketing communication activities in campaigning for safe driving. The approach of this research is descriptive and qualitative. Data collection techniques are interviews and literature studies by exploring relevant data through books, websites, and documentation. From the field findings and interviews, Road Safety Association has conducted Road Safety campaign activities using various media. Such as print media (such as brochures and banners), electronic media (such as television and radio), and internet media (website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). In addition, RSA also often conducts campaigns face-to-face through roadshow activities, action down directly to the highway, training, and counseling. RSA is also actively working with government and international NGOs for Road Safety.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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4 (2)





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Kulsum , N. M. (2022). Road Safety Association (RSA) Social Marketing Communication in Changing the Behavior of Young Drivers in Indonesia. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 4(2), 200–208.



Social Marketing Communication, Road Safety Association, Young Driver, Driving behaviour