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The Impact of Enhanced Digital Development on China's Economics in the Post-Epidemic Period


  • Yaxuan Wang BA Business Economics, Department of Economics, University of Essex, Essex Colchester CO43ZS, UK


The global economy has been severely disrupted in the context of COVID-19, and China has not been immune to its impact. China is advocating a more comprehensive digital development plan, including a model that combines new technology and existing sectors, to offset COVID-19's influence on economic growth. The objective of this paper is to analyze the potential impact of enhanced digital development on the Chinese economy in the post-epidemic period. This paper uses a literature review and comparative case study analysis to analyze digital development in two of China's fastest-growing dynamic cities, Guangdong and Shanghai, and compare digitalization trends in developed countries. Finally, worldwide experiences and insights are used to analyze China's digital age prospects and problems and how to boost China's digitalization potential to boost economic growth. The study shows that enhanced digital transformation has a positive impact on China's economic development in the post-epidemic period. Digital development is advancing more quickly in healthcare and education, particularly under the influence of COVID-19, increasing people's digital literacy while eradicating traditional time and space restrictions and fostering resource sharing and information transparency. In addition, it may boost economic development, provide new business possibilities, and enhance individuals' quality of life. China's digital transformation and upgrading face many challenges due to global competitive pressures, ecological and security environments, traditional industrial models, and consumer perceptions, but international experience and inspiration provide many new ideas.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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5 (5)





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Wang, Y. (2023). The Impact of Enhanced Digital Development on China’s Economics in the Post-Epidemic Period. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 5(5), 26–37.



COVID-19, digitalization, China, economy, transformation