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Vol. 5 No. 5: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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Published: 29-04-2023

Research Article

Subscriber Perceptions about the Slogans of GSM Network Providers in Nsukka Urban, Southeast Nigeria

Ogechukwu Uzoagba, Boniface Mbah, Chukwuma Okeke, Gloria Okeke, Chukwu...

Analysis of Prisoner Resistance in Class II A Correctional Purwokerto

Odi Jarodi

Exploring the Digital Development Path of Intangible Cultural Heritage under the Background of Rural Revitalization: Taking Chi Shui Bamboo Weaving in Guizhou Province as an example

Mengfei Pan, Yuqing He, Jingshu Li

The Impact of Enhanced Digital Development on China's Economics in the Post-Epidemic Period

Yaxuan Wang

Concept Optimization Crime Prevention through Environment Design (CPTED)) in the Effort of Preventing Conditional Violations: A Case Study at Purwokerto Prison

Mulyani Rahayu

Quality Micro-decision-making at Selected Philippine Public Secondary Schools: An Iterative Process of Planning and Implementing the Curriculum

Joana Paula Biñas, Nordy Siason, Rex Paulino

Proving Forgery from the Point of View of Sharia and the Penal Code of Afghanistan

Hamidulah Mohammadi, Abdul Hadi Mesbah

‘Aaqilah in the Jurisprudence of the Four Schools of Thought (Ahl Al-Sunnah): A Comparative Jurisprudential Study

Muhammad Wali Hanif

Analysis of Heidegger's "On the Essence of Truth"

Feifei Yan

Developing Learning Management System-Based Inquiry Model Learning Devices for Dynamic Electricity Materials

Firani Christianti Utusan, Mursalin, Trisnawaty Junus Buhungo

A Study on Media Coverage of Algorithms under Framing Theory: The Case of Reports on Algorithms from Xinhua News Agency from 2021 to 2022

Beiya Shi, Yu Pei