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A Review on Children's Literature in Afghanistan


  • Fawzia Walizada Baghlan University, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Department of Persian and Dari Literature


Children's and adolescent literature have a long-life span in the history of mankind and is considered one of the major parts of the literature in every nation. Children's and teenagers' literature received worldwide attention from the 17th century AD. In the 18th century, scientists drew the attention of educators and people to children's literature by research publishing works. In our rich classical literature, there is not much research done on children's literature. However, various works have been done for children in recent years. The first children's magazine in Afghanistan was Siraj-ul-Atfal, which was published continuously with Siraj-ul-Akhbar. This magazine was mostly educational and entertaining, and most of its content was general information, scientific topics, religious and moral content in the form of poems and stories. After publishing the children literature in Siraj-ul-Akhbar, other publications also started about children's literature in Afghanistan, such as children’s friendship, youngs friendship, and children's voice. Some writers have also done research on children's literature in Afghanistan, such as Abdul Qayyum Qoyim, Mohammad Hossein Yamin, Paizi Hanafi, Habibullah Rafi, Dr Asadullah Khitfi, Seyyed Davoud Zahdi, Pouya Faryabi, Asif Behand, Raziq Varin, and Osman Najand.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

Volume (Issue)

5 (10)





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Walizada, F. (2023). A Review on Children’s Literature in Afghanistan. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 5(10), 12–22.



Literature for Children and Teenagers, Children's Books, Poetry, Story, Religious and Moral Content, Entertainment aspect.