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Vol. 5 No. 10: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

(October Issue, 2023) In Progress ...

Published: 29-09-2023

Research Article

The Discourse of Dream Reports in Jordanian Arabic: Agenre-Pragmatic Study

Areen Bani Ata

A Review on Children's Literature in Afghanistan

Fawzia Walizada

Innovation in Orthopedic Services: Service Excellence with C-arm Technology at Hospitals in Sragen using Business Model Canvas (BMC) and Swot Analysis

Nakayenga Sharifah, Farid Wajdi, Jati Wakskito, Wiyadi

Exploring the Effects of Chinese Mother Jealousy on Adolescent Daughters: An Analysis Based on Online Interview Data

Haiyan Sheng

Intimate Partner Violence and Homelessness among Women: The Role of the YWCA to Rebuild Their Lives

Fariha Tabassum, Rhidoy Ahmed, Farjana Jahan , MD Redwan Ahmed Zawad

Analysis of Mental Health Conditions and Coping Strategies for the Elderly

Yueyang Zeng

The Hyperreality of TikTok Live Streaming

Lady Yesisca, Alfred Pieter Menayang

Accountability of Building Approval Services in Gowa District

Nasiratunnisaa Mallappiang, Rifdan, Hamsu Abdul Gani

Celebrities’ Influence on the Students’ Voting Preferences

Triah Bulotano, Rulthan Sumicad, Renante Ting, Milphene Pinatil, Jhea ...

Manifestation of PLN Nusantara Power UP Rembang in the Implementation of the Concept of Creating Shared Value in the Community Empowerment Program "DEWI SRI WARDANI"

Mahendra Ristanto K, Arief Rachman P, Edi Saptura, Vernando Pratama Pu...

Reception Analysis of "Muhammad and Maria" Alcohol Promotion Content on Instagram Account @Holywingsindonesia

Cindy Wijaya, Alfred Pieter Menayang

Reversing Control Over Digital Public Sphere Through the Hashtag #BlokirKominfo

Agustina Erry Ratna Dewi, Muhamad Isnaini