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Attitudes and Performance of Grade 11 Students in Pre-Calculus Using Strategic Intervention Material


  • Jonathan Etcuban Faculty, Associate Professor, College of Education, Cebu Technological University, Cebu City, Philippines
  • Cirilo B. Daculara, Jr. Teacher, Department of Education-Toledo City Division, Toledo City, Philippines
  • Mayette A. Cutab Teacher, Department of Education-Cebu City Division, Cebu City, Philippines
  • Suzette C. Lapiña Department of Education-Danao City Division, Danao City, Philippines
  • Bell Campanilla Faculty, Assistant Professor, College of Info and Comm Tech, Cebu Technological University, Cebu City, Philippines


Strategic Intervention Material (SIM) served as instructional support to help students review key ideas and techniques to help them master a competency-based ability they could not achieve during routine class discussions. This study aimed to determine the attitudes and the performance of Grade 11 students in Pre-Calculus using SIM at the three-identified public national high schools in Cebu, Philippines. It employed the descriptive-correlational method to collect data from 97 samples using two questionnaires (A standardized Attitudinal Test by Fennema-Sherman and researchers-made Performance Test in Equations of Circles). The Chi-square test, t-test, frequency, simple percentage, mean, standard deviation, and attitude toward success were used to analyze the respondents' attitudes about pre-calculus regarding confidence in learning, attitude toward success, mathematics as a male domain, and usefulness. The findings demonstrated that SIMs were appropriate for the respondents' needs, with more excellent knowledge gained from the SIM leading to a better understanding of Pre-Calculus, specifically Equations of Circles, which is beneficial when SIM is used as a teaching tool. The study concluded that using SIM in Pre-Calculus as instructional support significantly affected the student's performance in Pre-Calculus, which is effective in learning the subject. The proposed intervention plan was recommended to be implemented, monitored, and evaluated to boost the math performance of the Grade 11 senior high schools.

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Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Studies

Volume (Issue)

5 (2)





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Etcuban, J., Daculara, Jr., C., Cutab, M., Lapiña, S., & Campanilla, B. (2024). Attitudes and Performance of Grade 11 Students in Pre-Calculus Using Strategic Intervention Material. Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Studies, 5(2), 01–12.



Teaching Mathematics, SIM, descriptive correlational study, Philippines