Latest Issue

Vol. 5 No. 1: Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices

(January-April Issue, 2023) 

Published: 2023-01-01

Research Article

Native-speakerism in ELT in Morocco: A Study of Students’ Attitudes and Teachers’ Self-perceptions

Mustapha Mourchid, Mohamed Bouaissane, Hind Brigui

Asta Brata Digital Book Development for Improving Students’ Leadership Attitude

Siti Musa'adah Musa, Akhmad Arif Musadad Akhmad, Sudiyanto Sudiyanto

The Effectiveness of Prince Sido Ing Rejek's Digital Book to Increase Students' Historical Awareness

Iwan Rakasiwi, Sariyatun, Cicilia Dyah Sulistyaningrum Indrawati

Academic School Supervision of Teachers’ Performance: Independent Learning Paradigm for Student Learning Achievement

Leonardus Jafar, Anan Sutisna , Gaguk Margono

A Case Study of Locutionary, Illocutionary, and Perlocutionary Speech Acts in English Learning Interactions in Junior High School

Margaret Stevani, Karisma Erikson Tarigan, Murad Hassan Sawalmeh, Fibe...

Paralanguage Influences in Intercultural Communication of Foreign Nationals in Cebu, Philippines

Marivic Fougty, Rey Bensig, Ariel L. Ramos

Shadow Education: A Case Study of Grade 10-12 Students’ Perspectives towards the Influencing Factors Affecting English Language Learning Competency

Suthee Khamkaew, Aifa Trussat

Students’ Perspective towards Online English Reading Classes during COVID-19 Pandemic

Suthee Khamkaew, Aifa Trussat

English Writing Errors, Challenges, and Strategies in Modular Learning: A Multiple-Case Study

Deciree Aradillos, Reinalyn Jane Alcoba, Jessa Dy, Connie Marie Monced...

Influence of Phonological Errors in English Academic Discourse of Cebuano-Visayan Learners

Christian Philippe Momongan, Shomary Sanchez, Hannah Mae Viray, Ariel ...

Investigating the Effect of Slate Boards on Improving Middle School Students’ Spelling of Word Lists.

Hassan LEMZAOUAK, Khadija Anasse