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Investigating Ecuadorian Students' Perspectives on the Characteristics of the Ideal English Teacher



This descriptive quantitative research aimed to identify Ecuadorian students' perspectives on the characteristics of the ideal English teacher. The sample was composed of 322 (n=322) learners who were taking the A1 English level in a public university. The data were collected by using an online questionnaire composed of 30 Likert scale items, which were divided into 3 categories 1) profile, 2) personality and 3) instructions. The analysis was done using descriptive statistics. Results demonstrated that regarding the teacher profile, the participants indicated that the ideal teacher must hold a degree in language teaching and be familiar with the social and cultural background of the language. In personality, the ideal teacher motivates, inspires, and promotes students' self-confidence and participation in the classroom. Finally, about teaching instruction, the ideal teacher uses technology and has good communication with students in English in each lesson. We can conclude that identifying these perspectives will be useful in implementing curricular changes based on what students expect to receive in class.

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Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

Volume (Issue)

4 (2)





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Carrillo-Patarón, M. E. ., Santos, J. C. dos, Chicaiza-Chicaiza, R. M. ., & Álvarez Llerena, C. L. . (2022). Investigating Ecuadorian Students’ Perspectives on the Characteristics of the Ideal English Teacher. Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, 4(2), 67–72.



Perspectives, Ideal English Teacher, Tertiary, Ecuador