Attitudes and Motivation towards English Language learning in Senior High Schools: A case study of Accra Senior High School, Ghana

Motivation, Attitudes, English Language, Performance


April 30, 2022


This research study investigated the attitudes and motivation toward English language learning in senior high schools using Accra Senior High School as a case study. The study employed a quantitative approach using descriptive-correlational design to investigate the relationship between students’ motivation and attitude in the learning of the English language toward their English language achievement. This study adopted a questionnaire to gather data from 100 English students and 5 English teachers who were randomly selected through a simple random and convenience non-probability sampling technique. The findings revealed that students are instrumentally driven to learn the English language in comparison to integrative and personal motivation. The majority of the students indicated they learn English because they need it for their studies. The majority also indicated they learn English because it makes it easier to contact English-speaking people and get a well-paid job. Second, students' attitude towards the learning of the English language was found to be positive. The study revealed students were very interested in speaking the English language. The teachers attested to this and revealed students take active participation in class and make an effort to speak English. Lastly, there existed a moderate positive and statistically significant correlation between English learners' motivations (r = .45) and attitudes (r = .35) towards the English language with their English performance. It was concluded that as English learners’ motivations and attitudes in learning the English language grow, their English Performance improves. In addition, there existed a strong positive correlation between English learners' motivations in the English language and their attitudes towards the language. This implied that learners' motivation in learning English had an influence on their attitude towards the English language. The study recommends that instructors or teachers should assist in the creation of an environment that is favourable to reducing feelings of nervousness or shyness.