The problems of Fluency in Spoken English among EFL Learners in Sudanese Universities

Fluency; Spoken English; EFL Learners; Sudanese Universities


October 5, 2022


This research aims to investigate the problems and challenges which is usually experienced by English learners in the Sudanese university when trying to speak English. It also checks the problems that students face when learning the English language in Sudanese universities and try to find remedies to this problem. The research uses a questionnaire, interviews, and descriptive methods in the collection of data about fluency in the English language in universities in, the Sudan University of Khartoum as an example. The data was then statistically analyzed using the SPSS program. The results showed that there are various problems that hinder English learning in the universities and among them include: under-qualified teachers, unsuitable teaching materials, and the methods used in teaching are also poor. The other problem is the psychological factor that makes student lack motivation while learning English. The study also contains ways in which these problems can be handled so as to bring efficiency in learning and teaching English in Sudanese universities.